Traditional Dance and Crafts

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Traditional Dance and Crafts

The opportunity for our young people to resurrect our past dance group that their parents older family members were involved in the plan is to make props for the reformed KPs traditional dance group and learn traditional dances our young people can teach younger family members dances with the assistance from past dance group participants leading towards empowering our young leadership group to take control of the dance group learning management skills taking bookings for the groups public performances and supervising the group at dance performances and social community events.

Leadership group will be able to sale items they have made educating participants in money handing skills and accounting skills participant will be encouraged to form a committee and be involved in all areas of the dance group in some from.

Local Aboriginal artists Anthony Hayward, Keanu Garnie Bates, Alfred Fazldeen and Cy Crowe will make up the employed artists for this project

  • Craft – Aboriginal tools, such as clapsticks, boondies, digging sticks and boomerangs. KeanuGarnie Bates and Anthony Haywood will show participant how to create tools used in traditional Aboriginal life. You will receive your own piece of Mulga wood and be guided in how to create these implements.

  • Aboriginal music workshop- Anthony Haywood & Cy Crowe will guide participants through the traditional and contemporary didgeridoo music, learn people the techniques of playing the Didgeridoo and everyone can have a go. Later these two will perform the own songs.

· Language – Alfred Fazldeen will teach the animal names and the meaning of the dances in Traditional language

Dancers to learn

· Welcome dance.

· Creation dance

· Honey tree dance

· Miskito dance

· Hunters and gather’s

· The story of the Willie Wagtail


· Weekly training

· Dance performance arrangements

· Learning meaning of the dance

· Didgeridoo practice

Arts and Cultural artefacts creations

Young people will create their own art works and make cultural artefacts to sell at public performance learning social skills, business. and money skills.

· Clap sticks

· Digging sticks

· Didgeridoos

· Wooden bowls

· Message sticks

· Paintings

· Arts and crafts

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