KPAC exists to support the Aboriginal Community of Broken Hill

BECAUSE - The grass-roots indigenous community in Broken Hill and surrounding region are experiencing isolation and multi-generational disadvantage, and have high rates of alcohol and drug abuse, and participation in crime.

WE BELIEVE - Providing infrastructure, a place to gather and meet, which will support in the form of engagement activities, connection to services, and creating a sense of community reducing  the occurrence of poor and unhealthy life decisions.

SO WE PROVIDE - Transport and Leadership to bring the Indigenous Community together to participate in a variety of healthy engagement activities within the local region.

THAT LEADS TO - Strengthened community relationships, employment, skills development opportunities like mentoring, supervisor roles, and volunteering, leading to improved individual self-esteem and healthier life choices by the Indigenous Community.

AND RESULTS IN - A reduction in intergenerational disadvantage and isolation in the Indigenous Community in Broken Hill and districts.

KPAC exists to support the Aboriginal Community of Broken Hill


Our Mission

  • Our Top priority is to fund the development and operation of a multi purpose community centre that will be controlled by the Aboriginal community in Broken Hill.

  • To bring Aboriginal service providers together to oversee the community centre assuring the premises remains under Aboriginal community control 

  • To have the responsibility of the day to day running of the community centre and the activities running within the centre.

  • We believe that change comes from within community and that learning should be an enjoyable, friendly and rewarding experience.

  • To promote as many learning experiences as possible for our young people and their families and to overcome the isolation issues within our community.

  • Encourage our young people to move on to further learning providers, developing new skills in supervision, child minding, and mentor roles.

  • Obtain employment and achieve their personal best in a healthy, safe and supportive environment.

  • Support and encourage all parents/caregivers to become involved in the corporation’s  activity’s as members, supervisors mentors or volunteers

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Our Vision

  • To provide the opportunity for our young people to gain knowledge of small motor & metal fabrication and welding skills

  • To provide the opportunity to learn the skills of woodwork and traditional crafts

  • To promote friendship among the community and encourage team work within the activities we provide and a respectful environment for all

  • Create opportunities for more of our grass roots Aboriginal people to become employed within the corporation as welding, traditional woodwork, cultural arts, assistance supervisors mentors volunteers helping them strive to achieve their full potential

  • Encourage self-discipline and self-motivation as a means of excelling and achieving personal goals

  • Transport our young people, parents/caregivers so the whole family can become involved in the corporations activity’s using KPAC’s bus and volunteering bus drivers and supervisors.

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